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I'm a small-town Aussie girl, who's spent my life dreaming up stories and finally, in 2022, my dream came true and I had my first book published! 

My writing has always been a way to explore elements of myself that I'm still working out.

I grew up in the prime years of fanfiction, which is where I started exploring queer relationship pairings, through which I discovered my own identity within the LGBTQIA+ community.

In 2018 I started writing and posting online on where I began 'Do You Ship Us?'

What started as a single chapter and the hope of some feedback, turned into a four-book series following the fictional band 'The Obsolete', with my overconfident mess of a popstar character, Jasper Reid, and the newly added member, a dancer with anxiety and depression, Ryan Kurtis, as they fall in love and navigate all the dramas of being a queer couple in the music industry.

As a lover of music, writer of love, and shipper of ships, this series has been everything to me, and I am thrilled to be sharing it with the world thanks to the small, queer publishing press, JMS Books.

I enjoy writing relationships both romantic and platonic, with strong emotional bonds. I love flawed, complicated and chaotic characters who make mistakes and grow through their challenges. I like writing characters with mental illnesses that they learn to manage with the support of loved ones.

I also love exploring twisted storylines that keep you wondering what the hell is actually going on, and have published a mystery/psychological thriller-ish gay twisted romance book, Secrets, Lies, and Double Lives.

Outside of writing, I'm a rural nurse with a passion for providing holistic care and support. I'm fueled by tea, dreams, and the desire to constantly push myself to overcome new challenges and reach new goals.

My Books
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Do You Ship Us?

Rising Stars

Secrets, Lies, and Double Lives

My Books

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Do You Ship Us?

Rising Stars

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